Neck Pain Relief Pillow Reviews-Choosing Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Hi there, my name is Catherine and welcome to my website about the best pillows for neck pain. First of all I’ll tell you – I’m not a doctor or scientist, or even a pillow maker! I am just a guy who has suffered terrible neck pain, and when I tried to find a good neck pain relief pillow reviews website, I couldn’t find any. That’s when I decided that I just had to share my experience – I have tried so many pillows to help cure my neck pain.

I actually never intended to start a neck pain relief website, but I got sick of people always asking me how I cured my neck pain, so now I just direct them here so they can learn for themselves everything that has helped or hindered my neck.

When I tried to find some good pillows to try a few years back, all I could find were websites owned by pillow companies. I thought to myself “Well, of course they are going to recommend their own pillows!”, so I had to go by trial and error until I found the right one.

So now that I have laid my head upon many different pillows (and found a cure for my neck pain!), I present you with my unbiased, honest and 100% tried and tested pillow reviews!

Top 5 Pillows For Neck Pain Relief

Out of every single pillow that I’ve tried – here are my top 5. It isn’t easy to recommend which one is the single best pillow due to your age, neck pain, sleeping patterns etc, so hopefully this is helpful to you and you can choose the right one.

This pillow is what I think sleeping in Heaven must be like. The ventilated memory foam and the soft removable cover make your head and neck feel incredible. This will put neck pain to ease in most sufferers.

I didn’t believe the claims this pillow made. Their “clinical studies” made me skeptical, however after I tried this I was seriously impressed. You can fill it up with as much or as little water as possible, and it feels amazing to sleep on.

If you sleep on your side, then you should give this pillow a try. It is terribly hard on your body when you sleep on your side, but this pillow can make it advantageous to sleep on your side due to the odd new design.

If you have arthritis, headaches or spinal problems as well as neck pain, this pillow will blow you away. I was also skeptical about how a pillow could help so much, but the incredible “Traction” side can really help you.

This pillow is great for smaller “petite” body shapes. I stupidly ordered this pillow without looking at the size and found it was a bit too small for me (I’m 6”4), but my wife found it to be a huge help with a shoulder injury she had.

Brands of Pillows You Will Find on my Website

On this website I have tried to be 100% unbiased and give you my reviews on a whole different range of brands. The truth is that some brands are bigger than other companies like Arc4Life and Mediflow, but there are also some smaller pillow manufacturers such as Conforma who are providing amazing solutions to neck pain.

When deciding which company to go with – just check out my reviews of each one and I’m sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect one to help you take care of your neck pain.


If It’s More Information You Need…

As well as providing you with my own personal reviews of these pillows, I want to take this time to give you some really solid information on pillows to help you cure your neck pain. I know from experience that it is awful, so have a read of this info below and I know it will help you:

As bizarre as it sounds, the type of pillow case can have an effect on your quality and quantity of sleep, and correspondingly, your level of neck pain.

There are plenty of different types of pillows out there, but most of them are useless if you get neck pain. This section took me a while to write – and I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of reading this section.

There are some really simple things you can do to help your neck pain from getting worse – check out this short section for some tips that might save you from another sleepless, painful night.

When pregnant, a woman’s sleep patterns can change drastically. If you know a female who is pregnant and having trouble sleeping or has neck pain, this information could be really beneficial to them.

A clean pillow is the best kind of pillow. Here are some tips to help you clean different types of pillows and keep allergens and toxins at bay.

When you know what the best pillows are made from, you can know what to look for and know what questions to ask. Here are some of the most common materials.

How does neck pain start? Check out this article for my thoughts and musings on the topic.

You probably already know that sleeping position has a lot to do with neck pain, but check out this article to find out what you don’t know that you really should!

A Few Final Words

Some people have told me I’m crazy to “start a pillow website” – but they haven’t suffered neck pain. I have gone through some seriously painful times, just like I’m sure you have, and I wished that there was an honest source of reviews for me to check out. I really hope that you have found this useful and that you can use this information to cure neck pain once and for all.

All the best, and please feel free to stay here as long as you like and soak up my years of information,